Seat Belt
Wearing seat belt in a moving Vehicle is believed to have saved millions of lives worldwide. Wearing of seat belt is mandatory and the most important precaution you can take to minimize your risk in an accident.
Everyone has an equal chance of being involved in a collision so do not take any chances on your safety and that of your fellow passengers.
When your car is involved in a collision, your car decelerates very quickly. Unless you or other Vehicle passengers are held back by means of a safety belt you keep on moving in the same speed as your car was cruising before the impact.
At high speed, the front seat driver and passenger if not restrained by a safety belt would smash their heads against the windscreen, Their bodies could badly hit against the steering wheel or dashboard and legs could get crushed in the under steering area. You may even be thrown out of the car with high impact.
Even rear seat occupants without safety belts could suffer grievous injuries as they hit the back of the front seats and their occupants.
Not only is it important to wear a seat belt but also it must be worn correctly to help reduce chances of injury or death. The shoulder belt should be worn as closely fitted to the body as possible, over the shoulder, never under the arm (as this may crush ribs and injure internal organs.)
Secure your children
Having children in the front seat is a danger for the child. Sudden braking action in a moving car can throw the child forward hitting the front panel and windscreen glass resulting in serious injuries. It is recommended that children below the age of ten years must be securely fastened to the rear seat. Special children's car seats with safety belts are recommended.
Children above the age of ten years may sit in the front seat but as a rule must always be fastened securely with the safety belts. Never allow children to sit with you in the driver's seat or stand in the front seat area. Safety rear door locks are fitted in modern cars for children safety. These locks cannot be opened from inside. In any case securely lock your rear doors while children are seated.
Persons not wearing seats belts are liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 100/- for the 1st offence and Rs. 300/- for subsequent offences as per Section 177 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. So always wear seat belt while driving.