“In keeping people straight, principle is not as powerful as a policeman”

We Care For You is the newest initiative of Jabalpur Police dedicated to remove crime against women. Any Girl or Lady who is in trouble due to any of the following reasons must contact We Care For You immediately :

  1. Troublesome situation- Any vulgar/offensive comments passed publicly by any men or in case of eve teasing.
  2. Unwanted SMS/MMS- Unwanted/vulgar/unknown SMS/MMS from any number/person.
  3. Unwanted Phone Calls - Unwanted/vulgar/unknown Phone Calls from any number/person.
  4. Threatening/Blackmail- Any women who is being threatened or blackmailed by any known/unknown person can contact us without hesitation.
  5. Any other trouble or safety problem is worrying you.
  6. If need any kind of help from Jabalpur Police.

For any kinds of aids or assistance needed from We Care For You,


Jabalpur Police assures you that the name of all the girls and ladies will be kept secret. So kindly feel free to contact us as we maintain complete secrecy. Dedicated to serve you, every step, WE CARE FOR YOU.

HEAD OFFICE- Mahila Thana, Madan Mahal, Jabalpur (M.P.)


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Nimish Agarwal
Superintendent of Police

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