25 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice


With social media as an outlet, amateur photographers have more opportunities than ever to get their work out to the masses. But to gain popularity, an artist needs to have a gimmick. A style that is fun for everyone. Perfectly timed photos are just that and last blows your mind.

Whether posing at the great pyramid, jumping in unison for a group photo with strangers at Maya beach in Thailand, or noticing an incredible coincidence involving lighting and shadows, perfectly timed photos are everywhere in our daily lives. Here’s a parodic look at pictures others have taken. Could you have done better using nothing but your Google Pixel?

1.Illusion of girl with Head of Horse

There probably aren’t many postcards with the image of a statue grabbing the tailed of a plane. It just doesn’t have the welcoming appeal most cities are going for. The next time you fly with United Airlines don’t forget to tick the box for the “statue coming to life” insurance. If it’s on there, it’s there for a reason.

2. Bubble Explode City

Possible Camera Used: Nikon Z 9 Mirrorless Camera
Where to Buy: bhphotovideo.com
Avg. Cost: $5,500*

Using water as an assistant for a perfectly timed photo is always a fun experience. The reflections in still water are phenomenal, especially during the sunrise and sunset. There’s something about the chaos and disorder when the water has been disturbed that should never be underestimated. But it takes a photographer with a sharp eye to see the potential in raindrops, snowflakes, and bubbles. 

Bubble Explode City ©Dangiras/Shutterstock.comBubble Explode City ©Dangiras/Shutterstock.com

Yes, bubbles. These liquid orbs reflect everything they see. This exploding bubble once showed a 360° view of the city where it spent its entire life. Then, it popped. And in a moment, it disappeared as though it were part of the world that vanished with the fateful snap of the Infinity gauntlet.

3.Monkey surprises lol!

Possible Camera Used: GoPro HERO 10
Where to Buy: Target
Avg. Cost: $350*

There’s nothing quite like being photobombed by a fish. It’s not like the fish simply blocked the subject’s face. No. It turned, posed, and stared down the camera person as if to say, “I don’t remember being you before.”

4. Perfect Timing: Level > Alien

Possible Camera Used: Samsung Galaxy 20s
Where to Buy: Walmart
Avg. Cost: $1,000*

Whether you live on a farm, work on a farm, or visit a farm, thanks to the animals that live there, life is a series of perfectly timed photos. The moments they capture are usually hilarious — for those in attendance, at least. While most people would expect the best moments to come from universally recognized pets like cats and dogs, the farm’s larger animals hold their own.

It takes someone who has seen one too many horror movies and has far too much time on their hands to birth the next generation of Alien films.

5. #1 Greatest Dad

Possible Camera Used: Canon EOS R6
Where to Buy: usa.canon.com
Avg. Cost: $2,500*

If you’re looking at the gentleman in the center of the frame with the red shirt and extra tall beer, you’re looking in the wrong place. The real hero of the picture is the father further down to the left, whose parental reflexes were on full display when he instinctively sacrificed his arm to save his kid from taking a stray bat to the face. 

#1 Greatest Dad @imgur/Pinterest#1 Greatest Dad @imgur/Pinterest

Considering how many baseball games are played annually (almost 5,000 from the MLB alone), photos like this don’t come along nearly as often as you’d think. When they do, professional photographers are there to capture everything — like the kid who’s about to be hit having no idea what’s going on.

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