How to Become a Trading God.

In the world of stock markets and financial wizardry, who should you trust when it comes to making money? Should it be the big banks, a financial advisor, your not-yet-rich parents, your crypto-confused friend, or maybe that YouTuber raking in views but not necessarily profits?

Well, fear not, because by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have a crystal-clear answer to that question. Get ready to uncover the secrets and insights that can transform you into a trading guru

Let’s Simplify It:

What’s the secret to becoming extraordinarily wealthy through stock trading?

It all boils down to just two things:

  1. Knowing precisely when to buy or sell.
  2. Identifying the exact stocks to buy or sell.

That’s the essence of it all! If you’ve got the answers to these two questions, you’re on your way to becoming a trading virtuoso.

Experienced Traders

Experienced traders, the wizards of the financial world, have a bag of tricks that they swear by. They’re the folks who dive into the nitty-gritty, using technical indicators, charts, and graphs. They’re the ones who dissect economics and pore over a company’s earnings report. These traders are systematic, having built their trading strategies over years of meticulous testing and analysis.

Here’s the kicker: Most traders endure a few years of financial turbulence before they discover their golden rules. These golden rules are the precise criteria that maximize their win rate and profitability. But here’s the twist—95% of traders never make it to that point; they stumble and falter along the way.

But what if you’re not blessed with years to dedicate to trading and a stash of cash to burn through the learning curve?

Turning to the “Experts”

That’s where the financial advisor swoops in, promising to lead you to riches. They might suggest investing in an index fund, mutual fund, or a whole life insurance policy, assuring you that wealth will magically appear by the time you hit 60. Yet, there’s a catch—these predictions often fail to factor in the pesky inflation monster. While you wait for those riches, your financial advisor quietly pockets fees for managing your money.

Here’s the irony: Nearly 80% of fund managers can’t keep up with the stock market’s pace. So, while your money is in their hands, it’s not exactly on the fast track to wealth.

Just “Buy and Hold”?

Now, you might wonder if it’s best to abandon all the buy-sell-exit jargon and simply opt for a “buy and hold” strategy with something like the S&P 500. After all, it has delivered an average annual return of 9.77% over the past 30 years, dividends included.

But that’s not our style!

We’re here to outshine the market and supercharge our wealth-building journey. We’re the risk-takers, ready to dance on the edge if it means a shot at higher returns. We’re on a mission to find that elusive edge.

But, you might wonder, if technical analysis falls flat 95% of the time and financial advisors can sometimes feel like a long con, what’s the alternative?

That’s where Wall Street steps in, with some funds that do manage to outperform the market. The quest for that answer, the search for that edge, continues.

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