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Before knowing about Options Trading, let us know what do you mean by options contracts


Option Contract (Definition, Examples) | Top 2 Types of Options Contract

An option is a contract attached to an underlying asset, e.g., stock or other collateral.

  • Optional contracts are for a fixed period of time, which can be
  1. as short as a day or
  2. a few years.
  • There is no physical exchange of documents at the time of entering into an option contract. .

An options contractor is called a ‘options writer’. Unlike the buyer in the options contract, the seller has no rights and must sell the goods at the agreed price if the buyer chooses to enter into an option contract.

What is Option Trading?

Stock Options Trading Guide and Basic Overview

Option trading allows you to buy or sell stocks, ETFs etc. at a certain price during a certain date. This type of trading also gives consumers the ability to not buy collateral at a specified price or date.

  • options helps to make a big profit if the security price goes up. That’s because you don’t have to pay the full amount of protection in the options contract.
  • In the same way, options trading can limit your losses if the security price drops, known as hedging.

The right to buy collateral is known as ‘Call’, and the right to sell is called ‘Put’.

They can be used as:

Rate: Trading options help you benefit from stock price changes without compromising the total stock price. You get control of the shares without having to buy them directly.

Hedging: It can also be used to protect against stock price volatility and to allow you to buy or sell stocks at a predetermined price over a period of time.

How do trading options work?

Option Trading: Meaning, Types of Options & Examples | Fintrakk

Trading options is something you can do with an online brokerage account that allows self-directed trading.

Options Trading - Call and Put Options - Basic Introduction - YouTube

What is buying a put?

When you buy a put, you buy a contract that gives you the option to sell the collateral on a specific expiration date at a certain price.

For example, suppose you buy a stock deposit of 100 shares in ABC stock for $ 50 per share. Prior to the expiration date of the option, the stock price dropped to $ 25 per share. If you choose to use your option, you can still sell 100 shares for a maximum of $ 50 per share.

What is buying a phone?

Buying a telephone means that you are buying a contract to buy stock or goods on a fixed expiration date. When buying call options, it is important to consider the same features you can choose when purchasing storage options.

Essential Options Trading Guide and Its Benefits

Essential Options Trading Guide: Tactics And Techniques To Drive You On The  Top Of Trading: Options Trading Strategies For Monthly Income (Paperback) |  Main Street Books

Buying an option includes a limited risk that can be a premium option but unlimited power if the price is in your favor. On the other hand, if you sell options you have a limited limit in terms of premium revenue but a lower risk limit if the price movement is against you.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when trading options

  • Option trading should be done with a strong suspension loss
    When buying options, loss of position may not be significant unless you purchase an ITM option that pays a large premium. But if you sell options, your risk increases as you have no protection on the downside.
  • Beware of spikes in market volatility
    When you buy an option, flexibility works for you. But when you sell options flexibility actually works against you. This is particularly tense when talking about Nifty as the indicator is often at risk of fluctuations.
  • The risk of stock options
    The work to be done for the elections was often very risky if you were selling options. However, as all stock options have become European options since 2011, this is no longer a risk for options traders.
  • Options trading time trading / price
    This is the most important thing you should understand in trading options. When you sell options, time works for you as options spoil assets and all OTM options tend to be zero on the expiration date.

Options Trading Strategies –

options trading for beginners | option trading strategies | Day 30 |  intraday trading strategies - YouTube

4 options trading strategies are as follows-

  • Long call
    In this strategy, the trader buys a phone – called a “long-distance” phone – and expects the stock price to exceed the strike price by expiration. The effect of this trade is unlimited and traders can often profit from their initial investment if the stock goes up.

Example: Stock X trades for $ 20 per share, and a call with a strike price of $ 20 and expiration in four months trades for $ 1. The contract costs $ 100, or one contract * $ 1 * 100 shares represented per contract.

  • Phone cover

Covered call involves selling the call option (“reduction”) but by twisting. Here the trader sells the phone but also buys stock under the option, 100 shares for each call sold.
Example: Stock X trades at $ 20 per dollar
e, and a phone with a strike price of $ 20 and expiration in four months trades for $ 1. The contractor pays a $ 100 fee, or one contract * $ 1 * per 100 shares represented per contract. A trader buys 100 shares of stock for $ 2,000 and sells one call for $ 100.

  • . Long-term placement-

In this strategy, the seller buys a put – called “long walk” set – and expects the price to fall below the strike price by expiration. The anticipation of this trade could be a multiple repetition of the initial investment if the stock falls sharply.

Example: Stock X trades at $ 20 per share, and put with a strike price of $ 20 and expiration in four months trades for $ 1. The contract costs $ 100, or one contract * $ 1 * 100 shares represented per contract.

  • Short words
    This strategy is a flipside for long put, but here the trader sells stocks – so-called “slow-moving” stocks – and expects the stock price to be above the strike price by expiration. To sell the put, the trader gets a cash premium, which is a very short ear piercing method.

There are many other options trading strategies.

Options Trading Zerodha

Introducing Sensibull -- the Options Trading Platform – Z-Connect by Zerodha  Z-Connect by Zerodha

Zerodha, a leading stockbroker, offers equity trading services, currency type, and asset options. Customers of Zerodha can

  • buy stocks, mutual funds, IPOs and
  • trade alternatives on BSE, NSE and MCX.

Zerodha Options Trading Platform

Zerodha offers 2 trading platforms for buying and selling options:

  • Zerodha Kite
  • Sensibull

Kite is Zerodha’s leading online trading platform. Available on website and mobile trading application format.

Sensibull is an options trading platform designed to make trading options easier and faster for small traders. It is loaded with tools like Options Strategies Builder, Open Interest, FII DII Data, Options Trading Tips, for Nifty, Bank Nifty and NSE Options.

How do you activate the F&O component in Zerodha?

To trade with F&O in Zerodha, you need to enable the F&O component in your trading account, if you did not select F&O trading at the time the account was opened. You must submit the application online and upload a few documents.

Steps to open the F&O section at Zerodha

  • Sign in to Zerodha Console for your kite entry.
  • Click on your Client ID in the top right and then click on the ‘My Profile’ link.
  • In the left-hand menu, click the ‘partially enable’ link
  • Click the ‘Activate segments’ button
  • Complete the form as per the screenshot below.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button
  • The F&O segment will be enabled in 48 hours.

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