Rosie Cuellar to run for open state House seat in district that includes Uvalde

Rosie Cuellar, the former Webb County tax assessor and sister of U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, has confirmed to The Texas Tribune that she plans to run in the Democratic primary for House District 80. This exciting news is sure to resonate with you, a mature man who values strong leadership and a vision for the future. Rosie Cuellar’s friendly and approachable tone will undoubtedly connect with you as she seeks to represent the district and make a positive impact.

Rosie Cuellar.
Rosie Cuellar. Credit: Courtesy of Rosie Cuellar

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A member of one of South Texas’ most prominent political families is getting ready to throw his hat in the ring for a fiercely contested seat in the Texas House. This is an exciting opportunity for our community, especially for someone like you who values a strong and experienced leader. Stay tuned for updates on this promising candidate’s campaign!

Exciting news for our community! Rosie Cuellar, a member of one of South Texas’ most prominent political families, has confirmed her intention to run in the Democratic primary for House District 80. As a mature man who values a strong and experienced leader, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Rosie Cuellar, former Webb County tax assessor-collector and sister of U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, promises to bring her expertise and dedication to this fiercely contested seat. Stay tuned for updates on this promising candidate’s campaign!

“My life has revolved around community service and public service, values instilled in me by my parents” Cuellar warmly shared. “They taught me the importance of education, hard work, and, above all, giving back to our community.”

“The seat will be open next year as Rep. Tracy King, D-Uvalde, has chosen not to seek reelection. This presents a prime opportunity for Republicans who are eager to expand their presence in the predominantly Hispanic South Texas region. As a mature man, you’ll appreciate the friendly tone in which we present this information.”

Introducing the 2022 Republican primary candidates in the district, which includes Uvalde the site of Texas deadliest school shooting. Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin and Pleasanton Mayor Clint Powell are both vying for your support.

Cuellar will have some tough competition in the Democratic primary, as he will be up against two other candidates. Carlos Lopez, who is the chair of the Uvalde County Democratic Party, and Cecillia Castellano, a construction firm executive from Atascosa County are both vying for the nomination. It’s going to be an interesting race!

Cuellar confidently stated that she understands the district may be leaning red, but rest assured, she is fully committed to doing everything in her power to maintain its blue status. She genuinely believes in the values and principles that align with our community and will work tirelessly to represent them.

Based on the information provided, here’s an improved copy for the content:”Did you know that in 2020 Former President Donald Trump won the district by a solid 4 percentage points? That’s quite a significant victory! It goes to show the support he garnered from the residents like you. Quite impressive!”

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Introducing Rosie Cuellar, the friendly face behind the judicial bench in Rio Bravo. With a wealth of experience as a municipal judge, tax assessor-collector, and a former Laredo municipal court judge Rosie has proven herself as a trusted and dedicated public servant. As a mature man seeking justice, you can rest assured that Rosie’s friendly demeanor will ensure a fair and approachable legal process for all involved. Trust Rosie Cuellar to uphold the law with a warm smile and a genuine commitment to serving her community.

Henry Cuellar has been proudly serving our area in Congress since 2005. And you know what’s even more impressive? His brother, Martin Cuellar, is the sheriff of Webb County. It’s incredible to see the dedication and commitment that runs in their family.

Last year, the National Republicans set their sights on Henry Cuellar during their South Texas offensive. However the result was a pleasant surprise for the unabashed moderate as he emerged victorious with a wider than expected margin.

Rosie Cuellar describes herself as “my own individual” however, she and her siblings embrace their parents’ philosophy of perseverance and hard work. This mindset has shaped their approach to life. As a mature man, we believe you will appreciate this friendly reminder to stay determined and never give up.

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