the 10 richest women in the united 

the 10 richest women in the united 
states in past years the wealthiest  

positions in the world have been held by men 
unfortunately as time fades out things revolve  

women too can acquire positions of incredible 
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today we will be looking at the 10 richest women 
in the world the sources of their fortune spanned  

a variety of industries from retail to technology 
to candy here’s a list of the top 10 richest  

women in the united states in 2020 10. nancy 
walton laurie nancy walton was born may 15 1951  

she is an american heir to the walmart fortune 
she is also a businesswoman and a philanthropist  

nancy walton lori is the fourth member 
of the walton family on this top 10 list  

she is the daughter of bud walton and 
the younger sister of anne walton crunk  

nancy walton inherited half of her father’s 
stake in walmart when he died in 1995.  

she is married to former basketball player and 
coach bill laurie he also owns the set louis blues  

the couple has donated to various organizations 
including the university of memphis  

and the university of missouri the two also owned 
providence bank in missouri she has a net worth  

of 7.1 billion dollar 9 blair perry oakton perry 
oakton is an american-born australian billionaire  

heiress and a philanthropist she was born in 
1952 she is the granddaughter of james m cox  

the founder of atlanta-based cox enterprises 
and the niece of ann cox chambers  

perry oakton inherited a 25 share 
of cox enterprises from her mother  

but is not actively involved with the company’s 
management cox enterprises spans the media and  

communications and automotive industries 
she has a net worth of 7.6 billion dollar

eight anne walton crunk and walton was born in 
december 18 1948. she is the heir to the walmart  

fortune crunk and her sister nancy walton laurie 
inherited stock from her father bud walton who  

died in 1995 who was the brother and an early 
business partner of walmart founder sam walton  

she is the owner of the denver nuggets of 
the nba and colorado avalanche of the nhl dot  

she is a registered nurse and walton is not 
actively involved in the company’s operations  

kronk is married to real estate billionaire 
stan crunk who owns several sports teams  

including the los angeles rams she 
had a net worth of 7.9 billion dollar  

  1. christy walton christy walton was born on 
    february 8 1955. she is the widow of john t  

walton the son of walmart founder sam walton after 
her husband dead in an airplane crash in 2005 she  

inherited his fortune the majority of her wealth 
is derived from holdings in the retail behemoth  

a successful early investment by her late 
husband in solar panel also boosted her wealth  

her philanthropic work includes serving on the 
board of directors of the children’s scholarship  

fund which provides financial assistance 
towards the education of low-income children  

she has a net worth of 8.9 billion also she 
supports her family’s charitable foundation  

which prioritizes education and benefits 
institutions of higher education such as the sam  

m walton college of business 
at the university of arkansas  

and several other colleges community 
trusts universities and foundations  

  1. abigail johnson born in 1961 abigail johnson 
    is the president and ceo of fidelity investments  

a leading financial services company a 
role she took over from her father in 2014  

the boston-based company was founded 1946 
by her grandfather edward johnson retwo  

hitherto and remains privately held johnson 
owns almost 25 percent of the company which has  

2.7 trillion dollar in assets under management 
after receiving an mba from harvard she worked  

at fidelity as an analyst and portfolio manager 
working her way up to senior executive management  

johnson currently serves as a member of 
the committee on capital markets regulation  

and is a member of the board of 
directors of the securities industry  

and financial markets association dot 
she has a net worth of 10.8 billion  

five laureen powell jobs laureen powell jobs 
was born on november 6 1963. she is an american  

billionaire heiress a businesswoman founder of 
emerson collective philanthropist advocates for  

policies concerning education reform social 
redistribution and environmental conservation  

she is also co-founder and president of the board 
of college track which prepares disadvantaged high  

school students for college powell jobs resides 
in palo alto california with her three children  

she is the widow and heir of steve jobs co-founder 
and former ceo of apple incorporated she manages  

the laureen powell jobs trust she worked and 
earned an mba from stanford university powell  

jobs founded the emerson collective which supports 
individuals and organizations working in education  

immigration reform social justice and conservation 
powell jobs purchased a minority stake in the nhl  

washington capitals in 2017. she has a net worth 
of 16.4 billion dollar four jacqueline mars  

in american heiress an investor was born in 1939 
and is the granddaughter frank mars and daughter  

of forest mars who founded what is now the world’s 
largest candy company mars she graduated from bryn  

mawr college with a degree in anthropology 
mars owns the privately held company along  

with her two brothers and has a net worth of 
24.7 billion dollar the three airserve on the  

company’s board of directors but are not actively 
involved in managing the operations mars sits on  

the board of trustees of the u.s equestrian team 
foundation and supports a number of organizations  

including the kennedy center the washington 
national opera and the national archives  

  1. mackenzie bezos mac kenzie bezos former 
    wife of jeff bezos was born on april 7 1970.  

she is an american novelist billionaire and 
venture philanthropist she has served as  

the executive director of bystander revolution an 
anti-bullying organization she founded since 2014.  

mackenzie bezos is new to the billionaires club 
following her highly publicized divorce from  

ex-husband jeff bezos founder and chief executive 
officer ceos of amazon which was finalized in 2019  

the two were married for 25 
years after their divorce  

she received 25 percent of his stake in amazon 
which represented 4 percent of the company overall  

a writer who studied at princeton mackenzie bezos 
worked at hedge fund d e shaw where she met jeff  

in 1992 after their divorce she signed the giving 
pledge promising to give half of her wealth  

to charity she has a net worth of 36.8 billion 
dollar 2. julia [ _ ] julia flescher [ _ ] the  

iowa born socialite who is now one of the world’s 
richest women julia [ __ ] inherited her wealth  

when her husband david [ __ ] died in august 2019. 
he left her and their three children a 42 stake  

in [ __ ] industries she lived in new york in the 
1980 where she worked with fashion designer adolfo  

as his assistant she met david in 1991 and married 
him in 1996. the two have donated millions to  

medical research facilities including stanford’s 
children’s hospital the wife of late billionaire  

industrialist david [ __ ] inherited billions 
after he died in august 2019 with an estimated  

dollar 53.5 billion fortune according to bloomberg 
and forbes her current net worth is 44.9 billion  

  1. alice walton alice walton is amongst the 
    richest people in the world presently she is  

world’s richest women as an heir to the walmart 
fortune a title she has held consistently for a  

number of years walton was born on october 7 1949 
the only daughter of walmart founder sam walton  

she was educated at trinity university where she 
earned an undergraduate degree in economics and  

finance after graduation she worked as an equity 
analyst and money manager for first commerce  

corporation since childhood alice was interested 
in art playing a leading role in developing the  

crystal bridge she has focused on curating art 
rather than working for walmart like her siblings  

rob and jim in 2011 she opened the crystal 
bridges museum of american art in her hometown  

of bentonville arkansas in january 2020 she took 
aim at america’s broken health care system and  

unveiled plans to open a holistic health institute 
in bentonville she has a network of 54.4 billion  

and that was the countdown of 10 richest women 
in the world with your favorite youtube channel  

grace media it is worth noting that the 10 
richest women in america are not a very diverse  

group they are all white they all inherited 
the bulk of their fortunes and they are all  

over the age of 40. the majority do not 
currently take an active role in the management  

of the companies from which their wealth is 
derived with the exception of abigail johnson  

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