What is age calculator?

age calculator helps you calculate your age in different format which is given here:

  1. age calculator calculates age of any person in years.
  2. age calculator calculates age of any person in months.
  3. age calculator calculates age of any person in Weeks
  4. age calculator calculates age of any person in days.
  5. age calculator calculates age of any person in hours.
  6. age calculator calculates age of any person in minutes.
  7. age calculator calculates age of any person in seconds.

With age calculator. You can determine your age or age between intervals or with age calculator you can determine age between two dates and age calculator displays age in years, months, weeks, days hours and minutes.

Different people with different cultures calculates there age in different ways.Our birth calculator is based on the most common birth system. In this system, age grows with the date of birth. Let we take an example, so you understand betterly our age calculator.Most countries use this birth system.
In some countries, age is calculated by counting years with or without including the current year. Let we take example for better understanding our age calculator, One person whose age is twenty years old is the same who is twenty-first year of his/her life.

According to traditional Chinese age systems, individuals start their lives at the age of one and their age increases during when it is Traditional Chinese New Year instead of their birthday. For instance, if a baby was born one day prior to that Traditional Chinese New Year, two days after, the baby will be 2 years old even though it is only two days old.

In certain circumstances it is possible that the months and days result from this age calculator could be confusing particularly when the date of start is the date of the close of one month. For instance, we consider February. 20 through March 20 as a single month. There are two ways to determine the date from February. 28th, 2015 until 31 March. 31, 2015. If you consider 31st of February. 28-Mar. 28 as a single month, then the result will be three days and one month. If we consider February. 28 and March. 31 as the last day to the month it will be one month. Both calculations are valid. Similar scenarios are found for dates such as April. 30 through May 31 30, May 30 through June 30, for instance. The confusion stems from the inconsistency of the amount of days during different months. For our calculation we applied the old method.Age calculator helps you calculate age in any tradition. We design our calculator 

Why we Use this age calculator?

Our age calculator is free to use. We do not charge anything for our age calculator.And age calculator is not free for only somedays, Our age calculator is free for lifetime. Yes, you heard it right. Our age calculator is free for life time. No charge, please share this age calculator with others, so more people got more benefit from this age calculator.

How we built this age calculator and for what purposes?

We use technology like HTML, CSS, and javascript for this technology to built this age calculator.

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