When Life Gives You Sadness, Monetize It

It’s time for a sincere conversation, and this time, I’m expressing my thoughts from a deeply personal perspective – something I have personally witnessed.

We all experience sadness, pain, anguish, and many ups and downs in life. So what if you just went through a breakup, or your best friend betrayed you? Maybe you didn’t get into your dream college or lost something precious to you. Well, here’s the truth – no one else is as worried about it as you are. Time won’t stop, the earth won’t stop moving, and the stars won’t change their shapes.

We all face moments of sadness, trauma, distress, anguish, pain, and betrayal, among other things. It’s not uncommon to cry over a breakup or the loss of a friend. It’s tough when you don’t get into your dream college or lose something precious. However, the reality is that no one else truly cares about your problems. Time will keep passing, the earth will keep rotating, and the stars will remain in their places.

It’s heartbreaking how the world within you may feel like it’s falling apart while the world outside continues to flourish. The tides will ebb and flow, just like your emotions, and the sun will set as you weep yourself to sleep. The harsh reality becomes even more difficult to accept when you can’t find a way to express your emotions.

“Don’t cry. ‘It’ll pass,’ ‘It’s just a phase,’ ‘It will make you stronger.’

No, it was not an easy or effortless experience. It happened suddenly and completely overwhelmed me, leaving me feeling trapped and without any sense of direction. This has not been just a temporary phase; it has lasted for the past six months.

Throughout this time, even the milk in my refrigerator expired four months ago because I didn’t have the motivation to buy more. This difficult situation didn’t make me stronger; instead, it made me more cautious and alert. I want to emphasize that the world can be harsh and unsympathetic, leading to deep sadness. However, the real question is not why it has brought this sorrow upon you; the true question is…

“What are you gonna do with it?”

Will you allow the sad stories to remain on your page, or are you prepared to store them away? Are you prepared to tidy your room? Are you ready to initiate something that you previously feared? Are you prepared to purchase fresh containers of milk?

I have been through a challenging period in the past 5 years. It was filled with both highs and lows, but it felt more like riding a tsunami wave while surfboarding. I couldn’t keep all the sadness bottled up any longer. It was time for me to release it, just like opening a can of soda and letting the pressure out.

Now that you have that sadness, why not monetize it, beautify it, and create with it?

Taylor Swift has made songs after a breakup; she has created art from that sorrow, and we all know where she is right now. “All Too Well” by her was a massive hit, making her millions.

Halsey, when she went through her breakup, wrote the song “Without Me” and sold more than 15 million copies of it. She put her sorrow out there and let people know its power.

Bo Burnham, one of my favorite artists – I will call him an artist, not a singer or a comedian because I think his creations cannot be summed up in one word. His Netflix special ‘Inside’ made me cry, laugh, and have an existential crisis in 1 hour. He created that piece alone, in his room without much help.

Vincent Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain, Mitski, Frida Kahlo – all these individuals have expressed their emotions through their creations. Our emotions are not solely experienced in our minds, but also deeply felt in our bones and heart. Our entire body is affected by sadness. It should not merely serve as a container for these emotions, but rather be expressed and shared with others.

Express your sadness through art. Allow yourself to feel anger and emotions, and release the burdensome feelings.

I started my business in anger. Now I make $1,000/mo.

I was angry because of my mental health. I had an ocean of emotions that had no place to flow. I was a cup that was full up to the brim but it was still not overflowing. I started questioning my routine.

Was waking up and feeling helpless all I’m capable of?

It was like someone had flipped a switch. I wanted to take that anger and put it in a place that can help me make something out of it. That is when I started writing a book.

I wrote for 30 days and 30 nights straight. I wrote about everything I could think of and even feel. There came a time when words were not flowing from me but for me instead. I completed the book and sent it for publishing. No I did not become a New York Times Bestseller nor I was signed. But a huge publishing that helped me make millions, but I was accepted by a publishing house that loved my poems.

That is how, I became a published poet that has sold more than 100 copies.

I could had stopped there but no, I stared my indie journey where I help early stage startups build their entire system on Notion. I am growing that business as a single person all the while working my 9–5. Sounding tiresome? It isn’t. It was when I was just starting out but not right now. It is a very fun game where I get to decide my future, where I am following a stoic mentality and no once can make me shake that away.

If you’ve read this far, congratulation, you’re already on that change path. Choose your motivation and get to work. Create art, create products, create whatever you like to do, let the world know that something amazing can come out of those emotions. It is high time now — but there is one more thing I want you to know.

Don’t do it for the revenge. Don’t do it to prove someone else. When you climb a mountain, climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.

While you search for the self expression, dig deeper into yourself. Follow these steps:

  • Connect with Others

When we share our art with others, it helps you connect with people who have been through similar things, making you feel less alone. Might be someone who was in same situation feel motivated and stop crying and start monetizing. This also bring you closer to a community that appreciates and understands your work, making you feel like you belong.

  • Transform Sorrow into Empathy

Art has the unique ability to transform sorrow into empathy. As you create art inspired by your own experiences of pain, you may find yourself tapping into the collective human experience. Through your art, you can convey emotions that others may struggle to put into words. In turn, this empathy can help both you and your audience find healing and perspective.

  • Explore Growth and Resilience

Using strong emotions to create art is not just about expressing pain; it can also become a testament to growth and resilience. As you create, you may notice a transformation within yourself. Art can serve as a record of your journey through sorrow and how you emerged stronger and more resilient on the other side.

In conclusion, you ought to grow out of this and you can. Start focusing on things that once mattered. Reconnect with your inner child and think what would that child be proud of today.

Thank you for reading my content. 

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